Blog posts of '2013' 'January'

The Easy way to Open a Banana!

We eat a lot of bananas' at our house.  I never realized how much easier it is to open a banana from the bottom rather than the top.

It never dawned on me to  try  opening  it from the other end. That was until a family member mentioned it while I was struggling to open it from the top and reaching for a knife. 

I was surprised how much easier it was to open. I felt really silly when they informed me that even the gorillas know that it's easier to open it from the bottom. I guess I will have to pay closer attention the next time we go to the zoo.



2013 New Year's Resolution

I was  watching the hit TV show Duck Dynasty with my family last night and I started thinking about family values. The older actors on Duck Dynasty are out of touch with technology and believe it's hurting our children. I personally believe that technology is important yet we are loosing old traditional values by spending too much time in front of screens and a lot less time face to face with family and nature.  This is when I started to think about ways I can enrich my family's life.

I am going to try harder in 2013 to spend more quality time with my family and nature and less time in front of a screen.