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Mister Landscapers Kits

Mister Landscaper sells top quality DIY low flow irrigation.

The kits are easy to install and comes with everything you need including step by step instructions with pictures! 

Mister Landscaper has developed 8 kits.

If you are looking for a DIY low-flow irrigation system that will give you more time with the family and less time hand  watering everything then you have found what you are looking for.

It gets better. When you decide you love the kit and you want to add on to you existing kit you can do it. Mister Landscaper sells their products individually as well.

You can buy as much or as little as you want. Did I mention that the shipping is free on orders of $25.00r more.

Made in the USA!



Earth Worms

 I never realized how important the earthworm was to our soil.

They are not only good for catching fish. The earthworm is what feeds our soil and gives it the rich nutrient our plants need.

Earthworms also create tunnels in the soil that allow air and water  to flow through. The earthworms eat the soil which has decaying matter and digest it. After it is digested through the worm it is released waste called casting. Casting is full of nutrient that plants can use. The casting is great for fertilizer.

The New Micro Spray Pot Kit

 Are you looking for a low-flow irrigation kit that will water all your potted plants?

Mister Landscaper has designed a great new DIY low-flow irrigation kit.  

The Micro Spray Pot Stake Kit comes with 8 Adjustable Down-Spray Pot Stakes.


This complete DIY kit is easy to install and comes with every thing you need.  

Your potted plants will be getting the perfect amount of water in 6 easy steps.

This kit is expandable!  You can add up to 65 Pot Stakes.

Go to: and click on the new product link for more information.


Proudly Made In The USA.