Blog posts of '2013' 'June'

Too Much Water

If you notice that the lower leaves on your plants are turning yellow or younger leaves are turning brown this could be a sign that your plants are getting too much water. You may also notice that your plants look wilted. Another sign is that the soil around your plants may appear green. These are all signs of over watering your plants.

Plants need to breath just as much as they need water. When the plants roots have too much water they can't breath and slowly start to suffocate. If the top of a plants soil is still damp then you know they have enough water.

If you are looking for a solution to giving your plants the right amount of water then check out for the perfect solution. Mister Landscaper sells DIY low-flow irrigation. It is very affordable and easy to install. The Mister Landscaper low-flow irrigation kits will give your plants the perfect amount of water while saving you time, money, and water.




How To Make a Garden Pot Man

We have all seen those cute, sometimes funny Terra Cotta Pot people on Facebook, Pinterest, or even in a Garden or two.  How in the world are they put together.  This Blog is designed to show you how, step by step to do just that, so you can have one of these unique creations in your garden to astound your neighbors with your ability to create unique garden art.

Step 1: Cut two long ropes for arms, and two longer ropes for legs.

Step 2: Arms – String 4” squat terra cotta pots through holes, knotting between pots for spacing.

Step 3:  Legs – string 4” terra cotta pots through holes, knotting between pots for spacing.

Step 4: Thread both arm ropes through the bottom of a 6” pot for the head.

Step 5: Thread both leg ropes through bottom of a 8” pot for the body.

Step 6: Continue leg ropes though second 8” body pot.

Step 7: Attach two body pots with outdoor-grade glue and let dry. Tie off the leg ropes extending Through the top hole.

Step 8: Glue the head and arms to the body

Step 9: Glue moss between the pots as needed

Step 10: Ad scarf, hat, glasses and or a plant head.




Drip Irrigation Kits

Mister Landscaper has 8 high quality DIY low-flow drip irrigation kits at a very affordable price. The kits range from $17.99 - $61.44.

Each kit comes with easy to follow installation instructions. Everything you need to get your system up and going is included. If you decide later that you want to add on to your Mister Landscaper kit  additional parts are sold individual as well. Last but not least Mister Landscaper pays for your shipping on orders of $25.00 or more.

The Mister Landscaper kits are all made in the USA.

Poison Ivy

 While pulling weeds this afternoon I chose to ignore the signs of Poison Ivy. 

The green leaves had the pointy edges all the way around. As I started to pull on them as well as a lot of other weeds the thought crossed my mind. I said to

myself, "Hey that looks like poison ivy." Then I decided it was not. I thought to myself, "Poison Ivy does not  grow around the houses?"

We usually come across it in the woods. Not 10 min. later I noticed a red rash up both sides of my arms. I started to panic and headed for the sink and scrubbed with a bunch of soap!

I washed my arms 3 times and was careful not to touch anything.

My next step was Web MD.

This is where I found the photos and what to do next. Poison ivy causes a red rash.

Later will come fluid filled bumps. The rash is caused by an allergic reaction to the oil in the plant. It can spread if its on your clothing. As I continued to read on WebMD I learned that the rash does not show up for about 5 hours after contact with the plant.

I also learned that you can not spread it after the rash has showed up. This is something new I learned.

You need to have contact the oil to spread Poison Ivy. When it seems to be spreading it is actually still developing from earlier contact. I am not sure what is on my arms at this point but I hope it goes away. If not I will be heading to the store for some calamine lotion.


Garden Ideas

I love to drive real slow through my neighborhood and check out all the great gardens and landscapes! People may think I am weird at times, but I get lots of great new ideas for my own yard. 

Just this afternoon while driving home from church I noticed a porch with two black rod iron chairs. One on each side of the front door.

They had cut a hole in the seat of each chair  and placed a  basket of beautiful little purple flowers. I thought it was a great idea! I see chairs just like it in the trash every so often. Next time I see chairs like this I am going to garbage pick them, buy some spray paint and copy the idea. I hope they don't mind ;).