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Garden Toys


We are never too old to play with Tonka trucks!

Our garden friends have done it again! They have come up with great ideas for re-purposing old toys. Don't toss out the old Tonka truck put it to good use

again by planting flowers in the back. These old toys make a great decorative conversation piece to any garden.

If you don't have a Tonka truck  use what ever you can find. The choices are endless when it comes to old toys. Check out your thrift stores and garage sales for more inspirational ideas. 

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Don't Lose It Use It!

It's that time of year again where you put on the garden gloves and start planting. It's so exciting sometimes you can forget what you just put in the ground.

This could leave you guessing all summer long. No worries. I have found the solution! It's an easy DIY craft that will take all the guessing out of gardening.

There are many easy ways to mark your seeds! You can keep it simple or get creative. My favorite is using old tea spoons with a picture of what you planted glued to the spoon.

The options are endless. For this one you will need


Materials Needed:

outdoor Mod Podge

Permanente markers

heave construction paper

ice tea spoons (check thrift stores or ebay)

acrylic spray coating



For this DIY craft you might want to ask the kids to help with coloring a small picture of the vegetable you are going to plant using the permanent markers. Make sure to cut out the paper the size of the spoon before you color the picture. This way you know it will fit on the spoon.

You will also want to put a small cut on one side of your circle to help it lay flat  on the spoon. Next put the outdoor Mod Podge on the back of your picture with a paint brush or Q-tip.

Then stick the picture to the inside of the spoon and press it down till you get it just right. This might take a minute.

Once the picture is in place cover the top of the picture with the outdoor Mod Podge. Give it time to dry. This will take about 20 minutes.

Next you want to seal it with the Acrylic spray. This will keep it safe from the rain and sprinklers. Now you are ready to start planting.

Remember don't lose it Use it. :)

Check Out These Other Great Ideas!

Check out our Pintrest page for more great DIY garden ideas!

Bird Cage Garden

This DIY craft will have your garden friends turning their heads for a second look. 

Be on the look out for bird cages the next time you stop at a local garage sale or flea market. With a little paint and some nice flowers you  can make an old bird cage  beautiful!

You will need:

1. bird cage

2. small chain to hand the cage

3. spray paint to paint the bird cage (you pick the color)

4. sand paper to lightly sand the bird cage prior to spray painting if needed.

5. flowers or greenery of your choice


 Once you have found a bird cage you like you will be well on your way to enjoying the beautiful new addition to your garden with just a few easy steps. First you will need to decide if you want to paint it or leave it the origional color. If  you decide to paint you will need to clean the bird cage and lightly sand it.

Next find a well ventelated area outside and spray paint the cage. Follow the directions on the can. Allow the bird cage to dry and then prepare to plant your flowers inside the cage.

You can use the tray that came with the cage as long as you place holes in the bottom as well as small rocks prior to adding your dirt and flowers. If the bottom of the cage does not have a solid bottom you can use a flower pot or another container that fits. Once you have planted your flowers you are ready to hang your new DIY garden craft.

If you are looking for an easy way to irrigate  your new birdcage garden check out  for some great high quality  DIY low-flow drip irrigation solutions.