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Go Green By Purchasing American-Made!
Earth Day is just around the corner, and we are as excited as ever. Never before has so much attention been put on environmental issues as right now, and with good reason.  People have the opportunity to use technology and common sense together to conserve natural resources, recycle a multitude of products, and utilize natural energy sources more readily in their daily lives.  With all that being said, there is a great deal more to be done.  We have become so accustomed to waste that we sometimes don’t even think about the small stuff that adds up big-time.  One of the things that seems to be missed in a lot of the “green” conversation is all of the products we buy from manufacturers overseas, instead of products produced domestically.
There are several reasons that buying products that are made in America is the “green” environmentally friendly way to go.
The first, and biggest reason to buy products manufactured in the U.S.A., is the condition of the factories in which the products are produced.  Most people don’t think about it, but very few countries have as many, or any, regulations or restrictions on dumping chemicals, releasing air pollutants, and other toxins into the environment.  American factories, though not perfect, are far cleaner than almost all of their foreign counterparts.  The domestic factories are held to a far higher standard for the environmental impact they have both on their employees and the area around them.  Factories in China, and elsewhere are not under such scrutiny to keep the environment inside and around them clean.
The second-biggest “green” reason to buy products made domestically is simply the shipping.  The fuel consumed in sending mass amounts of product half-way around the world is insane.  Talk about a carbon footprint.  Freight ships carrying millions of pounds of consumable goods embark across the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis, leaving in their wake a thick diesel fog of greenhouse gasses.
Those may be the two biggest “green” reasons to buy domestic, American-made products, but there are many more - one being the human factor. We, in the U.S., tend to treat our employees with dignity and respect. Though there are a few exceptions, most American companies try to provide a clean and safe work environment for all who work there. There is no such guarantee from foreign manufacturers who may not have any incentive to treat their employees well. 
That is why buying products made in the United States makes so much sense and is definitely a more environmentally friendly way to go.  It helps keep jobs at home, money at home, and helps keep the planet cleaner and safer for all who live here.
Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day!
Sarah L. Farnsworth
Thank You for Buying American-Made Products!

Hello everyone,

This is my first blog post!  I decided to make it about something that is very important to me...supporting American-made products by purchasing them over an imported item.  I want to be realistic, and I know there are exceptions because with some products we dont have many U.S.-made choices.  But when we do have the opportuinty to choose between a U.S.-made versus an imported product,  I just want to say a big thank you for those that choose the American-made product!! 


Have any of you found that sometimes it is difficult to tell if it is actually made here in the U.S.?  We are seeing more of this as well, and we decided to engrave "Made in USA" on as many molded parts as we can.  We do make some very small Micro Sprays and Adapters, but if you look close you can find a "USA" on almost all the products we make here in our factory.  To be honest,  I'm probably a little more fanatical about the "Made in the USA" thing becasue I am a US Olympian and a 5th-generation U.S. citrus grower.  So I'll end my first blog with a "cheers to all of you that knowingly purchase American-made products"!