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DIY Garden Planter Template

With spring rolling in around the corner, there are many things to get in order to prepare for Spring gardening. For those of you out there who are a little more free spirited with your gardening, in the sense that the flowers will “grow where they grow,” this DIY probably won’t hold much interest for you. But for those of you with the obsessive-compulsive, perfectionist’s personalities in the garden stay tuned.

Here is a great way to get all your little seedlings lined up and in order like a well-trained platoon of soldiers. 

What you will need:

  1.        1- foot by 1-foot pieces of plywood
  2.        Tape Measure or ruler
  3.        Pencil and Permanent Marker
  4.        30 small objects to make holes in the soil (wine corks, wooden spools)
  5.        Wood Glue
  6.        4 cabinet handles
  7.        Sandpaper
  8.        Wood stain (if desired)



1. Sand out any rough edges on our 1-foot by 1-foot boards

2. Using your ruler measure out in the cneter of the boards, a grid of 9 equal squares (see image) 

3. Take your small bojects using the wood glue, and attah them at al intersections of your gride. Let dry. (see image) 

4. Once your pieces are dry, flip the board and attach your cabinet handle using wood glue, in the center of the board

5. Finish with wood stain if desired. 

Once spring comes, and it’s time to plant, you can be sure that this DIY Planter Template will have you planting even rows of beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables.


Happy Gardening Everyone! 

Simetimes It's Nice To Just Stop & Smell The Flowers

Whether we are gardeners, landscapers or just enjoy working in our yard from time to time, we are all busy.  Every now and then it is nice just to take a little breather and relax, keep in mind all of the hard work that has been done, and admire nature for what it is.  This weeks blog encourages everyone to do just that. Stop and smell, or in this case, look at the flowers.  Below you will find some of this springs best flower shots taken by our own pro photographer.  Some have been posted on our Facebook page, some on Twitter, and some will be seen for the first time.

Thank you to all our wonderful Micro and Drip Irrigation customers, and have a great week enjoying all that nature has to offer.

Mr. Landscaper Team

Spring is Here

Spring is here, and for some of us a little farther south, it already feels like summer. Is it safe to say that winter is in the past? Well, there might be a little snow left on the ground here and there. But, it’s that time of the year we look forward to, at least those of us who actually enjoy a little horticulture activity.

Once all the initial work has been completed, such as the flower beds cleaned, pruning, planting, weeding, it is time to put the wet stuff on the green stuff. We just have to figure out what is the best and most efficient way to get that water to where we need it. Rain is best. But for some areas of our country, rain is a little scarce these days.

Mister Landscaper continues to show its commitment to customers by developing and producing great and new products--such as our NEW Mister Timer for microsprays and drip irrigation and our Red Down Spray Mister, which is a great new way for watering those plants that require plenty of water to the roots.

We are strongly committed to developing and producing new exciting products for you--our customers.

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The Smell of Mulch is in the Air!

As I walked into my local garden center with my two-year-old in the basket, we were presented with a beautiful sight.  The place was alive with color, as the fresh spring flowers were on display from front to back of the greenhouse. Not only that, but the place was buzzing with excitement, and it wasn’t the bees. The employees were cleaning and prepping and helping customers pick out the plants that they wanted and find things that were hidden behind huge racks of potted perennials.

I suppose spring is like a garden lover’s Christmas time.  The color, the scent of fresh mulch and deep dark soil could definitely be acquainted to the scent of cinnamon or fresh holly. My daughter loved it so much that she even took some pictures of the flowers with my iPod. 


We are a little spoiled here in Florida, where spring comes early.  I know that half the country is still on the chilly side, but there are many happenings to welcome in spring, including garden shows dotting the country. So, if you are looking to fit a little spring into the tail end of your winter, look one up.  I know I am looking forward to a few.


If you happen to be looking for a way to water all those plants you are going to buy at the garden shows, we recommend Drip Irrigation & Micro Irrigation, of course. It is the best way to save water in your new garden - and give you more time to enjoy it.

Spring is a Perfect Time to Start a Community Garden

Have you heard about community gardens? That’s right…community.


According to the American Community Garden Association (ACGA), a community garden is simply a piece of land that is gardened by a group of people. It can be for flowers or vegetables or simply to spend time with others who love gardening.


Here’s a sampling of community gardens making headlines across the country.


  • In South Florida, there are various community gardens on city-owned land. These gardens help needy folks learn to grow their own food. Many are in areas that need beautification or are undergoing revitalization. Others are in urban areas. 
  • In Greer, South Carolina, the local hospital started the project. Soon, sponsors donated tools and irrigation equipment - even seeds - to get gardeners started. 
  • Portland has 39 community gardens, many with open spots waiting to be rented.  Each 100-square-foot area rents for $21. Volunteers have “work parties” to tend to area gardens. Some plant beds are handicapped-accessible. And they also offer scholarships for low-income families and individuals. 
  • In Kalamazoo, Michigan, the success of one community garden has sparked interested in starting other gardens around that area. Plans also include compost heaps, a greenhouse for year-round gardening, and classes for those needing a little extra help getting started. 


These are just a few of the community gardens making news around the country.


As springtime approaches, think about joining a community garden in your area. You can search for existing gardens. Better yet, start one!


Join the discussion:

Are you interested in community gardening? If so, tell us about it. If you’re already participating in a community garden, share some information with us. Who participates? What do you grow? How do you maintain it?