Butterfly Feeder

 Are you missing the butterflies in your garden?

With this easy DIY craft you will soon be able to enjoy watching butterflies flutter from flower to flower.

You will need:

1. Mason jar

2. lid

3. small sponge

4. strong string

5. sauce pan

6. sugar

7. bright craft paint

8. garden stickers

9. hammer

10. 1 nail

You will want to start by tapping a small hole through the top of your mason jar lid. Next you will cut off a piece of the kitchen sponge and wedge it into the hole. This is where your butterfly will feed.  Next you will want to test your jar to make sure the liquid does not leak out. For now you can add water and turn the jar upside down to make sure it does not leak. Next you can add the string  that your feeder will hang from. You will need 1 long piece about 6  feet long. this will wrap around your jar near the lid as well as secure the other 2 pieces that will be used to support the sides of the feeder as it sits upside down. Tie the 6 foot string around the ring of the jar so you have an even amount on both sides.

Make sure it is nice and tight. Now you are going to tie 1 end of the 2 foot string to one side of the string wrapped around the jar. Next you are going to tie the opposite end of the 2 foot string to the other side of the jar. This will make a loop over your feeder. Next you want to do the same thing with the other 2 foot string. This time you are going to secure it to the opposite side of where the other 2 foot strings are attached. When you are done you should have 2 secure loops that support the jar evenly on all 4 sides. Now you will need to decorate

your jar so that it will attract the butterflies as well as humming birds. You will want to use bright colors and flower stickers for this.  Finally you will need to make the butterfly food. boil 4 cups water to 1 tablespoon sugar on the stove until sugar is dissolved. Don't use too much sugar it can hurt the butterfly.

Allow time to cool and then add the food to the jar. Secure the lid and hang about 3-4 feet above flowers so the butterflies can flind it. Now its time to sit back and enjoy your new garden friends.



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