Caring for your Christmas Tree

 Here are a few easy steps you can take to care for your beautiful Christmas tree. 

 Picking a Christmas tree is very important to the tree lovers in your family.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to keep your tree looking good for as long as possible. 

1. If you have a choice to cut a fresh one or buy a pre cut tree it is best to cut it yourself. Cutting the tree yourself ensures that you have a fresh tree that will make it through the holiday season without losing all its green.

2. If your only choice is to pick from a group of per-cut trees stay away from the ones that have started to turn brown. This is a sign that they were cut awhile ago and may not last long.

3. If you have cut your tree be sure to get it in water within 8 hours of cutting it down. After 8 hours the tree may not suck up the water like it should. If you bought a pre cut tree you should shave off about 1/2 an inch. on the end to help it take in water.

4. Check the water level in your tree daily. If it is low fill it. If the tree is not taking up any water you might have the tree too far down in the stand. The water might be having a hard time getting in. 


5. Make sure your tree is not around any flames or electrical devices. Be sure to give your tree lots of room. Make sure you turn off all the lights before you go to bed or leave the house. You don't want to take any chances. They are very flammable trees. 


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