Is your garden looking like it ran out of fuel? Composting may be your solution. When you add composting to your garden it can restore your soil and give it that nutrience needed to help your garden thrive!


What about the smell?

Some people worry that having a compost pile means you have to deal with the smell of rotting food. There is an easy solution to this initial worry. By adding a layer of dirt to the top of your compost it will help reduce any odor. 

How do I make a compost pile?

You can make your own compost pile or you can buy one. I have seen them for as cheap as $20.00 on Amazon. It just depends on the size you want and how much you want to spend.



What can I add to my compost pile?

  1. fruit and vegtables
  2. coffee ground
  3. natural tea bag
  4. loose leaf tea
  5. coconut milk
  6. napkins
  7. pizza box (will need to rip up)
  8. papper bag
  9. tomato sauce
  10. cereal box
  11. nut shells
  12. seaweed
  13. burnt popcorn
  14. old oatmeal
  15. fruit pits
  16. toothpicks
  17. paper cups
  18. lint
  19. bills
  20. sticky notes

Do not compost the following:

  1. cooking oil
  2. diseased plants
  3. human or animal feces
  4. meat
  5. milk
  6. rice

 You can use google to find list of additional items that you can or can not compost.


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