Creative Garden Story

Gardens can say a lot about who you are. This spring I am going to build a garden that tells a story about my life. I am going to include DIY created pieces of art. I don't have everything planned out yet but, I know it will all come together with time. My DIY art will tell a story that express the personality of my 2 children, my husband, and our dog.

One of the art projects  will include a toy truck and blocks. My 1 year old son Justice loves to run his trucks all over the furniture while grunting and making funny sounds. The blocks will remind me every day of how much he loves to climb and explore. 

My daughters Abigale who is 2 will have her spot in my garden as well. I have a few creative ideas I want to use to express who my daughter is. They include a dog and books because she loves to carry around her favorite pink dog. The book remind me of how much she loves to read.

I am undecided on what I will do for my husband. I thought about placing a kitchen plate  in the garden to remind me that he does a great job washing the dishes after dinner. I also want to place something Navy to represent the time he served.

Fedor our 5 year old English Bulldog is getting a old chewed up boot with a cactus planted in it. The chewed up boot is to remind me to pick up the kids toys at night so he does not eat them. The sharp cactus in the boot is to keep him from taking the boot from the garden. He loves to chew!

My plan is in place and now it is time to figure out what materials I can use that will look good in my garden and be weather friendly.  I look forward to sharing my garden story with you this Spring!



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