DIY Bird Feeders

Watching the birds play in the garden is one of the many joys gardeners get to experience. When you feed them they will come.

Today I am going to give you some easy DIY ideas for bird feeders. The one I enjoy most is the pine cone bird feeder. It is very easy and more than likely you can find everything you will need without going to the store.

you will need:

1. pine cone

2. strong string (fishing line)

3. peanut butter

4. bird seed

First go on a nature walk and find your pine cones.

Next you want to attach the cone to the string. Make the string long enough to attach the bird feeder to a tree branch.

Then you will need to spread a thick amount of peanut butter all over the pine cone. You need enough to make the birdseed stick.

Finally you are ready to hand your bird feeder and watch them come and eat. Once the seed is all gone you will need to add more peanut butter before rolling it in the fresh birdseed.


Check out Mister Landscapers pintrest page for more great birdfeeder pins.

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