DIY Easy Raised Garden Bed

Raised garden beds are getting very popular for many reasons. Some of us have bad dirt and want to start over. Others want to keep small animals out of the garden. Then there are those of us who just like the look. No matter what you reason is for wanting a raised garden bed. I have a few easy solutions to building one that will take very little time and effort and money.

The first idea is to use an old plastic swimming pool. You can cut most of the bottom out so the water can drain and place a bottom layer or rock prior to filling it up with dirt.

The next idea is to use a horse trough. They are easy to find at tractor supply and they look good. If you don't like the color you can always paint the outside. Don't forget to cut the large hole in the bottom and dump a layer of rock before you put the dirt in.

My third idea was to find a old wooden box. The ones people use That ship large items. They may be a little too tall but, you can cut as much as you want off the top. It would still be easier than starting from scratch.

My last idea was to use an old sand box. It does not matter what kind. My daughter has an old plastic one that liked like a crab. I wish we still had it. The last step is to plant your raised bed and enjoy the extra time and money you saved.

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