Products tagged with 'drip irrigation'

100' 1/2" In-Line Drip (MLD-HDT100)

100 feet of 1/2-in drip tubing with molded-in 1 GPH drippers.

Bird Bath Dripper Kit (MLK-BBKT)

You will never have to add water to your bird bath again! The Birdbath Dripper Kit is an incredible way to refill your bird bath with a simple addition to your Drip Irrigation System.

Patio & Plant Drip Kit (MLK-PWK)

Patio & Potted Plant Drip Watering Kit: Includes all the items needed to water up to 8 patio plants (QTY 1)

90° Quarter Circ (MLM-03)

This blue Quarter Circle Mister is an excellent choice for watering in corners around houses, landscapes, and gardens. (Qty 5)