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Tools & Accessories

All of the accessories you need to complete and maintain your drip irrigation system.

All-In-One Tool (MLA-TOOL)

All-In-One Punch Tool for making Micro and Drip installation easier. (Qty 1)

Hole Punch Tool & PLUGS (MLA-51)

Hole Punch Tool with Goof Plugs for Micro and Drip Irrigation. (QTY 1 Tool/8 Goof Plugs)

Goof Plugs (MLA-51G)

Goof Plugs for sealing holes (QTY 16)

Tubing Cutter (MLA-CUTTER)

The Mister Landscaper Tubing Cutter for 1/2-in Poly Tubing, 1/2-in In-Line Drip Tubing, 1/4-in Vinyl Tubing, and 1/4-in In-Line Drip Tubing. (Qty 1)

Winter Plug 3/4" (MLA-WHTPLUG)

Winterizing Plug with 3/4-in Hose Thread for sealing your system from insects and debris during the winter


Mister Landscaper Hat - Blue One Size Fits All


Mister Landscaper Shirt- Medium


Mister Landscaper Shirt - Large


Mister Landscaper Shirt - Extra Large


Mister Landscaper Shirt - 2X Large