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Faucet Fittings

All of the attachments you need coming out of your outdoor faucet: Timers, pressure regulators, filters, converters, etc.

1/2' Faucet Hose Fitting (MLF-33)

1/2-in Poly Faucet Fitting with 3/4-in hose threads and locking collar (QTY 1)

1/4-in Vinyl Faucet Adapter (MLA-FAS)

1/4-in Vinyl to 3/4-in Faucet Adapter. (Qty 1)

Winter Plug 3/4" (MLA-WHTPLUG)

Winterizing Plug with 3/4-in Hose Thread for sealing your system from insects and debris during the winter


Replacement O-Ring Washer for our 1/2" Poly Hose Fitting (MLF-33), 1/4" Tubing Faucet Adapter (MLA-FAS), Poly End Fitting (MLF-ENDCAP) and the End Cap on the bottom of our Faucet Filter (MLFF-41). You can also use this washer with any 3/4" FHT Outdoor Garden Hose. (QTY 5)