Drought Giving You Doubts?

In the past month alone in areas throughout Florida, droughts have had an impact on:

  • Fires, 
  • Relief, response, and restrictions, 
  • Tourism, and 
  • Water supply and quality. 
How about you? Is your area in a drought? How is your lawn doing? 
Mine? Let’s just say it’s an array of green and brown shades - mostly brown.
To be honest, I’ve had my doubts about whether I’ll be able to undo some of the damage. But it doesn’t stop me from trying. So here are some tips - for me and for you:
  • Plant more shrubs than annuals. Shrubs grow deeper roots than annuals and can withstand drier weather. Annuals do not develop deep roots as easily and are more susceptible to changes in weather.
  • Plant strategically. Evaluate your house and the natural flow of water surrounding your property to identify areas that naturally get more water than others. Position plants that require more water in high water traffic areas (for example, below the gutters). Those that don’t need as much water can be placed in drier areas of your yard.
  • Install drip irrigation. Products such as Mister Landscaper’s 50 ft. Micro Sprinkler Starter Kit keep the ground moist and provide continuous water supply to plants, shrubs, trees, gardens, and flowers.
  • Finally, don’t forget the mulch. It serves a greater purpose than just being visually appealing - it also maintains moisture in the soil. 
When used in combination, these tips should help us to lessen our doubts about the drought conditions. And we’ll get the added benefit of a greener, healthier, and more luxurious landscape.
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Has your area been in a drought? If so, how long? What are you doing to remove your doubts about the drought and put a little green back into your landscaping?
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