Easter Eggs Garden Style

This is the time of year where people like to get creative with coloring eggs. While looking for a way to incorporate my love for gardening with my love for decorating eggs I came across a really cute idea that someone posted on Pintrest from lotsofdiy.com. 



1. boiled eggs

2. panty hose

3. bread tie

4. egg dying kit

5. small garden leaves


The idea is to use green leaves from your garden as a tool to dye eggs with beautiful leaf prints.

First you need to find hardy small leaves that are small enough to fit on an egg.

Next you are going to wrap the leaf around the egg and gently place the egg into the leg of an old panty hose. 

Now you are going to tie the egg snug into the hose so that the leaf will protect the white part of the egg under the pattern of the leaf from food coloring. You can tie off the panty hose with a bread tie.

Next you are ready to dip your eggs into the food coloring. Once you have the desired color pull the egg out and let dry.

Once it is dry you can remove the leaf and enjoy your garden print eggs. 

Here is another great garden egg idea from duitang.com



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