Egg Shell Pest Control

I love to bake with my two young children. My daughters favorite thing to do is crack the eggs. She started at 1 1/2 years old. You can only imagine the amount of egg shells I had to dig out and throw away.

She is a lot better at cracking the eggs now that she is almost four.  I was reading about new garden ideas posted on pintrest and I came across a few pages that talked about saving egg shells to use in the garden. This caught my eye.

As I read I found out that you can use egg shells to keep pest out of your garden. Some people let them dry out and crush them into a fine sand like consistency.

Next they place them in plastic containers to be sprinkled around their plants as needed. Others just dig around their plants and throw the cracked egg shells in the hole. The egg shells are used to keep Beatles, fleas, slugs, snails and other pest away. 

I love to use organic any chance I get. Especially when it is something my family will be eating.  If you are looking for more more tips on what to do with your egg shells go to Mister Landscapers pintrest page and punch in growing. You will be very surprised to see how many different ways you can use your egg shells in the garden and around the house.


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