Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers

A new season is around the corner and it's about time to select what fall flowers you want to have in your garden.

In this blog you will hear about 5 of the best fall flowers.

Russian sage

Russian sage is a great fall flower. It will grow tall and bloom small beautiful blue/purple flowers.

The leaves on this flower are small and have a silver tint to them. This flower gets 3-5 feet tall and 2.5-3 feet wide. This flower will need to go in behind your shorter plants. The Russian sage blooms in the middle of summer into fall. It has a beautiful smell and is a great color for the fall season.


The Helenium provides your garden with an array of deep reds and a dark brown center, perfect for the fall season. It will grow about 1.25m tall and .6m wide. The flower looks great next to ornamental grass and other earth color flowers. The bees and butterflies will flock to this flower. The Helenium also makes a great fall centerpiece for the up coming holidays. These flowers like a lot of sun and moist soil.


Another great flower for the fall is a Mum. They come in many beautiful fall colors and are easy to care for. Mums look great along sidewalks or next to your front door. If you have them in a pot be sure the pot can drain, and give them a good amount of sun and water every day. If they are in the soil you should water them at least 3 times a week. Mums are sturdy flowers with many great colors to choose from. They should last through the fall months and into early winter. If you take care of your Mums they will last for years.


The sunflower is perfect for the fall season with its large yellow bloom. The sunflower is also great for snacking. I like sunflower seeds with salt. The sunflower is a strong plant but may need support once it gets tall. The weight of the bloom can cause the plant to bend.


These beautiful fall flowers come in shades of yellow and orange. The plant grows to be 2-3 foot tall. You want to plant them about 1 foot apart. These flowers like full sun and a well drained soil. They also need to be pruned. This  
allows a new fresh istroemeria to come in.
Mister Landscaper wants to wish you a joyful fall season with plenty of fall blooms. If you are looking for fresh new  fall planting ideas check out the Mister Landscaper page on www.pintrest.com for some great new fall ideas.






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