Products tagged with 'faucet'

1/4-in Vinyl Faucet Adapter (MLA-FAS)

1/4-in Vinyl to 3/4-in Faucet Adapter. (Qty 1)

150 Mesh Faucet Filter (MLFF-41)

Faucet Filter with 3/4-in Hose Thread for Micro & Drip Irrigation. 150 Mesh. (Qty 1)

1/2' Faucet Hose Fitting (MLF-33)

1/2-in Poly Faucet Fitting with 3/4-in hose threads and locking collar (QTY 1)

Mechanical Egg Timer (MLWT-EGG)

The all-new Mister Landscaper Egg Timer is an exciting addition to the product line.