Flower Pot Dress Up

Don't throw out those old flower pots. You can dress them up.

Save your fabric pieces and use it to wrap your flower pots. Lace also looks very good. Is all you will need is the following.

1. fabric/lace

2. glue that will stick to your type of flower pot.

(read the side of the glue and it will tell you what the glue sticks best to.)

3. scissors

4. buttons, glitter, bling bling if desired


Once you have collected all your materials find a nice work and begin by cutting the fabric to fit your flower pot. Before adding the glue to the pot check the fabric piece to make sure it fits just right.

Once it's cut place the glue on your pot and begin wrapping the fabric around the pot smoothing it out with your fingers as you go. You will need to press down and work some of the areas out that have trapped air. Let the glue dry before you add buttons or glitter on the flower pot. Idf you are looking for more great ideas go to Pintrest and search fabric covered flower pots.


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