Garden Path

Looking at all the DIY creative garden paths on our Facebook page has inspired me to give it a try. 

I have seen many beautiful DIY walk ways made out of a collection of rocks, broken concrete, marbles, and more! My first step is to start collecting my creative materials.

With a little searching I have found directions on how to put in my own garden path. I also watch a lot of DIY network.

They are always tearing up back yards and laying walk ways.

I have been on Craigs List a lot! If you go under the free section you might get lucky. I see a lot of free broken up concrete.

The trick to this is you want one side to be flat so that it is easy to lay.

I have also thought about using the following:

golf balls, river rocks, glass bottle

bottoms (bottoms facing up and tops cemented down

(be very careful not to cut yourself!)), sliced treated tree stumps, or old plates.

The list is just my thoughts as well as some of the ideas I came across on Facebook and Pintrest.

Making your own DIY  garden path can be really fun!

Get your kids involved and have them help you.

The idea is to get creative and make it personal.  


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