Garden Tool Art

This is a blog for all garden lovers who have a hard time storing all their garden tools.  I struggle  to untangle the rake from everything else that is piled in the corner of my shed every time I go to use it. After browsing through Pintrest looking for great new garden ideas I discovered that I don't need to fight with my garden tools any longer!


I need to  separate my garden tools and display them in a creative order on the outside of my shed. This way I no longer need to fight for my rake and I now have a creative display of garden art on the side of my shed.


I'm however going to give my tools a face lift prior to displaying them. I have not decided what color to use yet,  but I am going to spray paint all the handles first. I'm thinking bright and bold to match the flowers. If you decide to join me in this creative garden tool art project please feel free to share you are on our Facebook page Mister Landscaper.


To get you started I am going to pin some of the creative ways our Pintrest friends have displayed their Garden Tools.

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