Getting the Garden Ready for Fall

Getting the Garden Ready for Fall


There are many ways to prepare your garden bed for fall, but what are some of the most important?

Here are some tips for getting the garden bed ready for the fall season.


  1.        Plant your spring bulbs. For the best results plant them by October.
  2.        Get rid of any diseased foliage. This helps plants go dormant for the winter. Plants will come back fuller and healthier next season.
  3.        RACK UP THOSE LEAVES! Leaves are a wonderful compost for the garden. Composted leaves provide a multitude of nutrients to the soil. Quick tip: Do not add walnut tree leaves to the compost, they contain a chemical harmful to plants when the leaves break down.
  4.        Prepare your trees for the weather. Fall and winter can produce some frigid weather and strong wind in some parts of the world. Prepare your trees to stand up to the weather.
  5.        Last, and certainly the most fun, fill up the feeders! This is migrating season for all birds. Especially if you live in southern regions, fill those babies up! Birds get quite hungry from the days of travel to prepare for the winter season.


These are just a few tips to get you ready for fall. With the beautiful weather, fall is a great time to get out and garden. Bring your garden up strong in the spring with early preparation!


Happy Gardening! 

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