Growing With Kids


Kids love to experience new things. Growing a garden with your kids is a great way to engage them in an exciting learning environment! 
The first thing you want to do with your kids is give them their own personal garden space and tools. Next help them feel special by allowing them to decorate the space with garden decorations of their choice. They may want to make the decorations.
Next take them to the store and allow them to pick out a few seeds or small plants. Give them a choice between 2 or 3. This gives them a feeling of control and power without letting them go crazy. 
You can also make this trip to the store into a life lesson. Give them a budget on how much they can spend on supplies for their garden. 
While shopping explain what seeds or plants work best for the climate and season you are in. Limit the choices you give them. If they have too many choices you will both end up frustrated. 
If your child is younger have them buy some plants or flowers that have started to grow. This way the child has something to look at, pick, and smell while they wait for the other seeds to grow.
You may also want to make plant markers with the children. This will help them to remember where and what they are growing. There are some cute ideas for plant markers on It's free to join. You will also find a lot of other great garden ideas on the Mister Landscaper board located on pintrest. It is updated weekly with new ideas.
Remember this is a fun, educational learning experience. Their garden does not  have to be perfect. Allow them to dig in the dirt and discover what's below.
Talk about the bugs and worms with your children. Once the fruit or vegetables are grown you can teach them how to cook or bake them.
Don't forget to enjoy the time you are spending with your kids. Let it be a fun learning experience.
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