Happy Birthday America

This is the week when we celebrate the birthday of America, July 4th. Wow! What an awesome opportunity to think about how great our nation is - and how blessed we have been as a nation.
I wanted to consider some of the things that make America great. As I thought about this, it occurred to me that many of the things that make America a great nation start with the word "freedom." This is not a word to take lightly. Many people have fought and even given their very lives to preserve, maintain, and continue to allow our country that privilege. Here are just a few of the freedoms we have that make us unique in the world:

1. We are free to have an opinion - and voice it. No matter if people like it or not.

2. We are free to invent, create, and build a business in the hope that we have something to offer that others will be able to use and enjoy.
3. We are free to better ourselves. A person who starts off as a fast-food restaurant employee does not have to remain that way. They can choose to be better, work to improve, and, if they want, find a better place in life.
4. We are free to choose. We have the freedom to choose what we do, what we want, and how we act and react to those choices.
5. We are free to find fault with our leaders. No matter your political persuasion, that's a big one because no man or group of people is perfect. Being able to shine light on the wrongdoings of leadership without fear of being sent to prison - or worse - has helped to keep those that would be tyrants at bay.
6. We have freedom to build a future. Our course is not set. We can make ourselves better, make our nation better, and build families, companies, gardens, and lives that are marked by a continued movement toward greatness.
Mister Landscaper invents, develops, and manufactures quality products in America - instead of the alternative - because we believe that by providing Americans with the opportunity to work we are not just making better products. We are improving ourselves and giving others the opportunity to better themselves.
Our products are of the highest quality. We oversee production from start to finish, and we check them consistently. We can guarantee they work because we made them here - in America. We know what went into them, and we know the quality our customers expect to get out of them.
Thank you to our customers for allowing us to continue to make the highest-quality Micro and Drip Irrigation products on the market today.
Happy Birthday, America. Have a wonderful 4th of July!


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