Home Cure for Sickness

 If you are anything like my family this time of year you are dealing with an annual sickness. It never fails. Every year around this time my kids get  sick and then we all get sick.

After awhile you are great at diagnosing the problem.

My family has been on and off sick for about two months now. 

As I was sitting in my lazy boy tonight holding my sick 2 year old I started to wonder what else I can do to help her feel better. I decided to get online and do some searching. I found a few good tips that I wanted to share. I have not tried any of them yet. 

I am going to take my daughter to the doctor on Monday if she does not start feeling better.

- sore throat: gargle with salt water or drink mint tea.

- Cold and Flu Symptoms: You can try a grapefruit. cut a grapefruit and boil in water, next add honey and drink.

- To treat nausea try  drinking the juice from canned peaches. Burnt toast and black tea are said to neutralize toxins if you come down with food poisioning.

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