How to Grow Garlic


Did you know that there are over 450 different strands of garlic? I was excited when I heard the news! It made me start to wonder, "What garlic am I getting in the little jar at my local super market,

Maybe I am missing out on something better?". With a little more research I found that you can go online and order some of the different types of  garlic bulbs and plant them in your own back yard.

garlic is not complicated to plant  and the time to plant is November. After watching a YouTube video I learned how easy planting garlic can be. The video I watched was planting garlic in a raised garden bed.

I learned that it's best to use string to section off your garden into 1 square foot sections. It looks like a over sized checker board. Next you want to peel open the garlic bulb and separate each clove.

You want each clove to be planted about 5-6  inches apart. You will have 4 cloves in each square foot.  The clove will have a little green stem pointing out of one end. This is the side you want  to plant up facing the sun.

The bulbs need to be planted under 2  inches of soil. This will help protect the bulbs during the winter months.

If you live in a very cold climate area  you will want to place some mulch on top of your garlic bed prior to the first hard freeze to  help protect them. By next spring -summer you will be enjoying fresh garlic out of your garden. The greatest part is that you won' have to go to the supermarket to make your next garlic dish.



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