Kits to Get you Started

Watering your plants can become  challenging at times.

For me remembering to water my plants can be a challenge. I have had one too many experiences where I just got too busy to stop and water all my plants one-by-one. By the time my life slowed down enough to water all my plants half of them were dead.

This is one reason Mister Landscaper created the Kits. The  low-flow irrigation kits are designed to make your life a little easier. The kits comes with step-by-step directions that are designed to make the process of instillation quick and easy. The Mister Landscaper kits come with everything you will need to water your plants.

Each Kit covers a certain amount of square feet or a certain number of potted plants. Mister Landscaper has also posted how to instructions on YouTube.  If you are a visual learner then the YouTube video's may be very helpful.

Once you get your kit installed and flowing you may want to order additional drippers, or stakes. Don't worry. Mister Landscaper sells the irrigation kit materials separately as well. If you don't have enough of something you can order more. Don't forget shipping is free on orders $25.00 or more.

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