Made in America


More than 35 years ago, the little plastic micro sprays that would eventually find their way into groves, orchards, vinyards, nurseries, and neighborhoods across the country and around the world started life in a small, homespun town in Florida. Since that time little has changed. Parts are still made in that little town. Real people with real families make, inspect, and test everything that leaves the warehouse. And we still adhere to the high standards for quality set back in the beginning. We are proud of our American heritage. And we are grateful for all those who support US manufacturing.


While more and more jobs are being shipped overseas, Mister Landscaper is keeping the work here in the US. From tool makers to line workers, Mister Landscaper understands that it’s not the product that makes a company great, it’s the people. And it’s also the people that make a community strong. To that end, Mister Landscaper is striving to support people and families by keeping jobs here. When you purchase products from Mister Landscaper, you are helping to support people, families, and communities right here at home.


From the beginning, Mister Landscaper has had an unwaivering committment to quality. The products manufactured here are made using some of the finest materials available. Parts are tested and retested. And the micro sprays you now use in your landscaping were first used in the field, in some of the most demanding commercial environments, for more than 35 years. Our products are built to last. They perform beautifully in all climates and conditions. And they require very little maintenance. When you purchase a Mister Landscaper product, you are buying more than just the part: You are buying a continued commitment to excellence and service—the same commitment we started with.