Mister Landscaper

1/2" pvc to 3/4" hose (MLA-P2HTE)

1/2-in PVC to 3/4-in Male Hose Thread Elbow Adapter. (Qty 1)

1/2-in Poly Elbow Fitting (MLF-35)

1/2-in Poly Elbow Fitting with locking collars (Qty 1)

1/4" Blk nail clamps (MLT-VCL)

The Nail Fastener Clamps are specifically designed to attach and hold the 1/4-in Vinyl Tubing to wooden surfaces as found on decks and porches. (QTY 25)

1/4" combo pack (MLT-ATE)

1/4-in Vinyl Couplers, Tees and Elbows combination pack. (QTY 4) (QTY 4) (QTY 4)