Mod Podge Fall


The bright multi color leaves are falling all around us! We could rake them up and burn them. I do enjoy the smell of fresh burning leaves.

Not so fast!  Let's capture the beauty of fall with an easy DIY craft before we set them all on fire. Follow these easy steps to create a fantastic keep sake for years to come!

Lets get started.

1. Go to a craft store and purchase Mod Podge, and the Mod Podge sealer,

2. pick something you want to Mod Podge. It can be a table, placemat, photo..... the list goes on

3. Go outside and pick out some of your favorite leaves. Get enough to cover your surface. Find a clean work space and start Mod Podging the back of your leaves and sticking them on your surface. Once you have all your leaves glued in place let it dry for about 6 hours.

4. brush on a layer of Mod Podge over the entire syrface and give it about 2-6 hours to dry.

5. Do another layer of Mod Podge and allow it to dry

6. Once it is all dry spray your piece with the sealer for extra protection.

Enjoy your DIY Mod Podge Fall craft.



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