Patio & Plant Drip Kit

Part # MLK-PWK1
UPC: 720413400081
Patio & Potted Plant Drip Watering Kit: Includes all the items needed to water up to 8 patio plants (QTY 1)
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This complete kit comes with 30-ft of Vinyl ( MLT-B30 ), 150 Mesh Faucet Filter ( MLFF-41), 1/4-in faucet adapter ( MLA-FAS ) to attach to any outdoor faucet to drip water into 8 potted plants or spray water for only 5 plants

Each of the 8 included Adjustable Dripper Stake is adjustable by turning the top dial to water from 0 to 10 GPH and releasing drops of water up to spraying 8 individual streams of water in a 2.5-ft diameter

Use one of the 8 included 1/4-in Vinyl Tee Fittings ( MLT-TEE ) to run the Vinyl to the Adjustable Dripper Stakes ( MLD-STA) and push the 1/4-in Vinyl end onto the 1/4-in barb inlet on the side of the Stake.

Use one of the 10 included Nail fastener clamps ( MLT-VCL ) to secure 1/4-in Vinyl to the wooden decks and beams to run up to hanging baskets

If you later decided to use our ½-in Poly as the main line use one of the 8 included 1/4-in couplers to run lines of the 1/4-in vinyl from the 1/2-in poly tubing over to the Adjustable Dripper Stake.

Use the Included All-in-One Punch Tool ( MLA-TOOL ) to assist in installing the ¼-in Fittings into the ¼-in Vinyl or later into the 1/2 in Poly Tubing

 Drippers and Drip Tubing should NEVER be buried underground but can be covered lightly with Mulch


Mainline of 1/4-in Vinyl Tubing - Run up to 30-ft of our 1/4-in Vinyl Tubing installing no more than eight 8 Adjustable Dripper Stakes set to drip only, only 5 stakes can be used if set to wide open and maximum clicks until the Top Cap stops using 10 GPH and giving a small circle 8 stream spray

Mainline of 1/2-in Poly Tubing - Run up to 300-ft of our 1/2-in Poly Tubing installing up to 30 of the Adjustable Dripper Stakes that are wide open to 10 gph with a small 8 stream spray or run up to 300-ft of our 1/2-in Poly Tubing installing up to 100 of the Adjustable Dripper Stakes with the top slightly open to only use up to 2 gph with water dripping at 25 PSI at the faucet

Minimum operating pressure for Adjustable Drippers: 5 PSI for Dripping

Maximum operating pressure for Adjustable Drippers: 50 PSI for Spraying 8 Streams

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