Products tagged with 'poly fitting'

1/2" Poly Coupling (MLF-36)

1/2-in Poly Coupling with Locking Collars. (QTY 2)

1/2" End Crimper (MLA-50)

1/2-in Poly End Crimpers. (Qty 3)

RainD. adapter to 1/2" to Mr. L. (MLA-ADP)

Conveniently upgrade from Raindrip's® 1/2-in tubing to Mister Landscaper's® 1/2-in Poly Tubing using the Poly Converter. (Qty 1)

PVC to Hose Th. adap (MLA-56)

This Retrofit Adapter has male hose threads on one end to attach a Hose Fitting (MLF-33) for installing the 1/2-in Poly Tubing and a slip end to solvent weld onto either a 1/2-in or 3/4-in PVC pipe. (Qty 1)