Preserving Your Pumpkins

I love decorating my house with all the Fall colors. Pumpkins are usually a big part of my Fall decor. I love pumpkins. I just wish they would last longer! Mine tend to rot before the Fall season has ended. This year I have decided to try a few of the 

tricks I have heard about for preserving pumpkins. There are a lot of suggestions out their but it sounds like soaking my pumpkin in bleach water for 10-15 minutes


and then giving it a good rub down with Vaseline might do the trick. I just want mine to last longer. If you are wanting yours to look sharp for the fall season there are a few more suggestions out their. I also heard that they sell

a product that is called Pumpkin Fresh. I guess it works as well. Acrylic spray paint was one of the suggestions for making your pumpkin look great as

well as last a little longer. I hope some of these pumpkin carving suggestions help.

Happy Carving.


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