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.5 GPH In-Line Add-A-Drippers with a 1/4-in Coupler & a Goof Plug (QTY 5) (QTY 1) (QTY 1)
.5 GPH drippers w/ 1/4-in Couplers. (Qty 4 of each)
This Sprinker is a great way to convert your exsiting PVC spray head to Drip. Convert to one Stake Assembly or several Drippers. (QTY 2 ea)
1/2-in PVC to 1/2-in Poly Tubing Adapter with Locking Collar. (Qty 1)
This Retrofit Elbow Adapter has a 1/2-in male pipe thread inlet, and a 1/2-in poly barb outlet with Locking Collar. (Qty 1)
1/2-in FPT x 10/32-in adapter that converts high-volume to low-volume irrigation. (QTY 2)
1/2-in PVC to 3/4-in Male Hose Thread Elbow Adapter. (Qty 1)
1/4-in Vinyl Couplers. (Qty 15)
1/4-in Vinyl Tees. (Qty 10)
1/4-in On/Off Valve for 1/4-in Vinyl Tubing and 1/4-in In-Line Drip Tubing (QTY 3)
This unique Retrofit Adapter has 1/2-in female pipe threads and can be used with any PVC riser. (QTY 2)
4-Outlet Sprinkler Converter to Micro & Drip Irrigation. (Qty 1 Adapter w/4 Caps)
9-outlet sprinkler converter to Micro & Drip Irrigation. (Qty 1 Adapter w/9 caps)
Conveniently upgrade from Raindrip's® 1/2-in tubing to Mister Landscaper's® 1/2-in Poly Tubing using the Poly Converter. (Qty 1)