Is there something missing in your garden? Do you have a problem with birds?

Have you thought about building a scare crow? They make neat decorations and serve a purpose. It's also a great way to have some quality family time. is all you need is as followed.

 1. long sleeve shirt

2. pants or overalls

3. suspenders 

4. pumpkin

5. i bail of straw

6. old shoes

7. hat

8. stuff that makes noise in the wind

9. marker

10. something to prop Mr. or Mrs. scare crow up on.

Now you are ready to start stuffing. I usually start with the pants. Once you get the panths as stuffed as you wish set the pants aside and start stuffing the shirt. If you want a button up shirt I recommend stuffing a long sleeve plain shirt and then putting the button up shirt on over.

If you try to stuff a button up shirt you will run into a problem with keeping the buttons on. In other words you will start to bust at the seams. 

Once all is stuffed you can tie the top and bottom together with string or you can use suspenders. 

Now decide how you want your scarecrows face to look. You can carve a pumpkin face or just draw a pumpkin face using a black or brown permanent marker.

The last step is to place the scarecrow just how you want it and then add the boots, hat, and tin pans or cans to make noise in the wind to scare off the birds. 

The final step is to name your scare crow.

Enjoy your DIY fall scarecrow!

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If you are wondering what kind of scare crow to make you can go to for some neat ideas.

If you want so see some ideas you can also go to,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=78f29d23f70e5505&biw=1920&bih=989



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