Products tagged with 'sprinkler adapter'

9 Outlet Sprink Conver (MLA-RA9)

9-outlet sprinkler converter to Micro & Drip Irrigation. (Qty 1 Adapter w/9 caps)

2 Way Sprink Convert (MLA-2RA)

This unique Retrofit Adapter has 1/2-in female pipe threads and can be used with any PVC riser. (QTY 2)

1/4" Outlet Sprink Adap (MLA-SPR1)

Use this 1/2-in MPT X 1/2-in FPT PVC Sprinkler Adapter in between the 1/2-in PVC Riser and the sprinkler to run a single line of 1/4-in Vinyl tubing to a Misting Stake Assembly, several Drippers, or 1/2-in In-Line Drip Tubing. (Qty 1)

1/2" pvc to 3/4" hose (MLA-P2HTE)

1/2-in PVC to 3/4-in Male Hose Thread Elbow Adapter. (Qty 1)