Squirrels Need Water, Too!

Ever have one of these in your yard? Chances are you have. They're everywhere. But, honestly, who doesn't love having these small, fluffy critters darting around the backyard? They're cute, right?

Well, perhaps if they're chewing through your Mister Landscaper tubing, they're not so cute. And this is a problem for some.

We've discovered that, on occasion, squirrels will chew through the Mister Landscaper tubing to get to the water. They're thirsty.

The easiest solution is to set out water pans or install a birdbath. As with most things, squirrels will follow the path of least resistance. If water is readily available, they won't bother to chew through your tubing to get it.

However, if squirrels are just not your thing, and you'd rather them be gone altogether, there are alternatives. If you search the internet, you will find everything from homemade pepper concoctions to powdered fox urine. Personally, I like birdbaths. But to each their own.

Happy irrigating!

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