Customer Testimonials
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I purchased this system over 6 years ago when I built my 28’ x 7’ raised garden with trellis nylon netting and it still works like the day I purchased it. I did have to change out a couple of the misters this year but it was probably my fault. I left the system in the garden over the winter season and did not feel like working on unclogging them. To me it was easier to just replace them with the spares that came with the system that I still have. There are a lot of system out there but none as simple to operate and quick to install as this one. I did use the goof plugs to relocate a couple of stakes because of the redesign of my garden this year. I have tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, cantaloupe, zucchini, turnip and mustard greens, Tabasco peppers, bell peppers, okra, jalapeno peppers and green onions. My garden thrives every year due to this watering system. I also supplement it with the soaker system every other day. I have already taken 12 tomatoes and some okra from the garden. We don’t get much rain here in San Antonio so these systems are literally a life saver for my vegetable garden. I used it with the Mister Landscaper Programmable timer and it practically operates itself and saves me a ton of money on my water bill by eliminating the chances of over and under watering. There is no need to water for extended periods on time which can do more harm than good to a garden like this one. I cannot say this about most products we as consumers purchase today but there is no reason to hesitate on this product…get you one now and you want have any regrets on this purchase!
Ray Sr Schertz, TX