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I've been using Mister Landscaper for almost 20 yrs! And it's still the original system that I installed! The only reason I'm needing to install a whole new one is I have a tree (sucker that sprung up years ago and is now gargantuan) that has wiped out the piping at that point. Just when I was planning to dive into that project, I received an email from MisterLandscaper which turned out to be a glitch and was in my inbox 20-30 times. No biggie for me, I figured it was a glitch and I just deleted all but one. The very next day, I got an apology from the company for what had happened and they actually offered a free kit for me for the "inconvenience"! That was so over-the-top in customer service and they've been a delight to "talk" to in our subsequent emails. The product itself is a gem - what a great system - but, more importantly for me, is the people who stand behind it. They have displayed integrity unmatched by any other company I've dealt with. Thank you, Sam & Dianne!
Sandi Holder Colorado