The New Micro Spray Pot Kit

 Are you looking for a low-flow irrigation kit that will water all your potted plants?

Mister Landscaper has designed a great new DIY low-flow irrigation kit.  

The Micro Spray Pot Stake Kit comes with 8 Adjustable Down-Spray Pot Stakes.


This complete DIY kit is easy to install and comes with every thing you need.  

Your potted plants will be getting the perfect amount of water in 6 easy steps.

This kit is expandable!  You can add up to 65 Pot Stakes.

Go to: and click on the new product link for more information.


Proudly Made In The USA.


6/16/2013 9:46 PM
I would like to mention that while you are going away from home a few days take down your hanging pots and set them in the flower beds where your Mister system is and they will be fine when you return.
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