DIY Bird Feeders

Watching the birds play in the garden is one of the many joys gardeners get to experience. When you feed them they will come.

Today I am going to give you some easy DIY ideas for bird feeders. The one I enjoy most is the pine cone bird feeder. It is very easy and more than likely you can find everything you will need without going to the store.

you will need:

1. pine cone

2. strong string (fishing line)

3. peanut butter

4. bird seed

First go on a nature walk and find your pine cones.

Next you want to attach the cone to the string. Make the string long enough to attach the bird feeder to a tree branch.

Then you will need to spread a thick amount of peanut butter all over the pine cone. You need enough to make the birdseed stick.

Finally you are ready to hand your bird feeder and watch them come and eat. Once the seed is all gone you will need to add more peanut butter before rolling it in the fresh birdseed.


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Love That Stump

 Do you have an old stump in your yard that is an eye sore? 

Before digging it out and leaving a large hole in your yard take a look at some of these creative ideas.

1. Use that old stump to create a beautiful flower display! 

2. Decorate the stump to be a mini home. Get creative and have it match your home.

3. Find some more logs to place around the stump and turn it into a table with stump seating.

The ideas are endless. Check out Mister Landscapers pintrest page for more great ideas from other pintrest friends.


Recycled Garden Container

Have you ever stopped in the middle of throwing out a used up container of coffee and said, "Do I need this for anything?"

The answer today is YES.

Used metal or plastic coffee containers are great for planting your flowers in!

Don't panic about the fact that it says Folgers all over it. You can use old coffee cans and other cans to make some really cute garden containers!

The great thing about making your own container is that you give it the exact color and style you are looking for.

I myself have gone shopping to try and find some cute flower pots to place on my porch. In my experience the colors were plain and the prices were high! 

Don't forget to check out the Mister Landscaper pintrest page for more great DIY garden ideas!

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Hand Print Snowman

 If you are looking for a cute DIY gift to make with the kids check this out.

Snowmen bulbs.

You will need:

Colored permanent markers

Plain bulbs size depends on the size of child's hand

Mod Lodge

Tempered paint (black, orange, and other desired colors for details)

Paint brush

1. Pick out the color bulbs you want to use.

2. Cover the bulb in Mod Lodge prior to painting

3. Paint the hand of your child white. Make the paint thin on their hand.

4. Guide child to slowly wrap hand around bulb. Don't press hard.

5. Let hand print dry.

6. Make each finger into a snowman using a permanent marker.

7. Do another coat of Mod Lodge and let dry.


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Hand Print Snowman
Snowman Christmas Tree

 I struggle with decorating my tree every year. There are so many different cute ideas!

My problem is making my tree look as cute as the one in the picture. I just came across a new idea for your tree this year. I fell in love the first time I saw it on Facebook. It is cute and looks very easy to do. 


I heard the white  tree can be purchased at Big Lots for around $30.00. I also seen a snowman tree with a bucket of snowballs next to him and a shovel in his hand.

This is an easy Christmas craft that you can add your own style to. If you decide to make a snowman Christmas tree this Christmas we would love to see your tree.

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Garden Tool Art

This is a blog for all garden lovers who have a hard time storing all their garden tools.  I struggle  to untangle the rake from everything else that is piled in the corner of my shed every time I go to use it. After browsing through Pintrest looking for great new garden ideas I discovered that I don't need to fight with my garden tools any longer!


I need to  separate my garden tools and display them in a creative order on the outside of my shed. This way I no longer need to fight for my rake and I now have a creative display of garden art on the side of my shed.


I'm however going to give my tools a face lift prior to displaying them. I have not decided what color to use yet,  but I am going to spray paint all the handles first. I'm thinking bright and bold to match the flowers. If you decide to join me in this creative garden tool art project please feel free to share you are on our Facebook page Mister Landscaper.


To get you started I am going to pin some of the creative ways our Pintrest friends have displayed their Garden Tools.

Mums the word


The beautiful, dark, rich colors of Mums blooming all around us is mother natures way of saying fall is upon us.


Mums are a great way to decorate for the up coming holidays. They are very hearty and offer a lot of bloom for the buck. If you are like me you wait and buy them from your local market or farmers market once fall arrives. You can't help but pick them up and take them home.

They are perfect  for the fall season.

If you are looking for some great ideas on how to decorate with mums this season go to Mister Landscaper Pintrest page and look under gardens and flowers.

Mod Podge Fall


The bright multi color leaves are falling all around us! We could rake them up and burn them. I do enjoy the smell of fresh burning leaves.

Not so fast!  Let's capture the beauty of fall with an easy DIY craft before we set them all on fire. Follow these easy steps to create a fantastic keep sake for years to come!

Lets get started.

1. Go to a craft store and purchase Mod Podge, and the Mod Podge sealer,

2. pick something you want to Mod Podge. It can be a table, placemat, photo..... the list goes on

3. Go outside and pick out some of your favorite leaves. Get enough to cover your surface. Find a clean work space and start Mod Podging the back of your leaves and sticking them on your surface. Once you have all your leaves glued in place let it dry for about 6 hours.

4. brush on a layer of Mod Podge over the entire syrface and give it about 2-6 hours to dry.

5. Do another layer of Mod Podge and allow it to dry

6. Once it is all dry spray your piece with the sealer for extra protection.

Enjoy your DIY Mod Podge Fall craft.



Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin Decorating can be so much fun!

If you are looking for a new creative idea for decorating your pumpkins, get out your paint brushes! It's fun and easy to do.

just follow these easy steps.


you will need:

  • pumpkin
  • acrylic paint
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • clean rag
  • sealer (optional)
  • marker
  • transfer paper (optional)
  • glitter, bling... (optional)
  1. Choose a pumpkin
  2. clean and dry your pumpkin
  3. pick a design
  • stencil
  • free hand
  1. seal your pumpkin with sealer to help the paint stick (optional)
  2. paint your pumpkin one solid color or if you want the orange background leave it.
  3. trace your design with a marker or transfer paper
  4. once you are done seal the paint (optional)
  5. add glitter, eyes, bling, hat......... (optional)

once you give it time to dry you can display your pice of art!