How to Protect your Plants from Frost

You want to protect your plants from the frost. After all you work very hard all summer to  keep them looking their best. Don't let the frost hurt or even kill your precious plants.

You can take a few easy steps to protect your plants from a frost.

Step 1: Cover your plants with bed sheets if you know it is going to frost that night or day. You may need to use stakes if the weight of the sheet is pulling your plants over. You can also use light blankets or plastic as long as it does not smother the plant. Remember a plant is a living thing and needs air.

 Step 2: Remember to remove the covers once the temp rises again the next day.

Step 3: If it is going to be longer than 1 day of frost you can cover your plants with straw or mulch and remove once the danger of frost is over.

Step 4: You can snuggle your potted plants close together under a shelter to help protect them from the frost.

Step 5: You can use a low watt out door light to help keep the frost off your plants as well. 

Thank you for reading. Have a great winter!





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