Wind Chimes

 The sound of a wind chime on a cool fall night can be music to the ear.

If you are looking for  a nice and easy DIY garden craft that will continue to give the gift of a beautiful sound then you might want to creat a wind chime.

You can make a wind chime out of just about anything that makes a sound when it bumps into each other.


Different objects make different sounds so you might want to try a few sounds before you beging to create your wind chime.

Materials you may need:

strong string or thin roap

nice thick stick about 6 inches long.

screw driver

small saw

heavy fishing line or thin wire

sand paper


glass beads



old fancy keys



metal bottle caps


bailing wire

metal pieces

and so on...

This craft leaves a lot of room for creativity. It just depends on the style and sound you are looking for.


There are many neat ideas. If you go to google images and search wind chimes you will see many great ideas.

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