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4th of July Garden Craft's

The 4th of July is approaching fast!

Are you looking for a creative way

to celebrate the birth of the United States of America?

Below you will fing a few creative DIY garden crafts

that you can create to help you celebrate.


You can creat this patriotic piect with a pallet, spray paint and star stencils.


This can be done with an old jar, sand, three colors, candel and our flag.


These pariotic beauties can be created with white melting chocolate and blue food coloring.


This cute craft is created using 3 old vegtable cans, star stencils and paint.

(Read the back of the paint to see if its good for painting metal.)


This refreshing snack is made with

Shish Kabob sticks, strawberries, blueberries and pinapple.


 Happy 4th of July!

Hand Print Snowman

 If you are looking for a cute DIY gift to make with the kids check this out.

Snowmen bulbs.

You will need:

Colored permanent markers

Plain bulbs size depends on the size of child's hand

Mod Lodge

Tempered paint (black, orange, and other desired colors for details)

Paint brush

1. Pick out the color bulbs you want to use.

2. Cover the bulb in Mod Lodge prior to painting

3. Paint the hand of your child white. Make the paint thin on their hand.

4. Guide child to slowly wrap hand around bulb. Don't press hard.

5. Let hand print dry.

6. Make each finger into a snowman using a permanent marker.

7. Do another coat of Mod Lodge and let dry.


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