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DIY Fairy Garden

Are you looking for something new to do with the kids or grandkids?

Want to get them outdoors and away from the technology?      

Here is an adorable craft to decorate the garden with the kids help!


What you will need:

  1.        Large Flower pot
  2.        Soil
  3.        Your choice of plants/ flowers
  4.        Twigs of several sizes
  5.        Plastic Cup or Bottle
  6.        Decorative Rocks
  7.        Hot glue gun
  8.        Twine


Step 1: Take your twigs and create some fairy furniture! 

Step 2: Take your plastic cup or bottle and glue your decorative rocks on to create a fairy home.

Step 4: Set your decorations and home aside and fill your flower pot with soil. (You want it to be as full as possible without overflowing.) Add your plants. (For our fairy garden that we are keeping indoors we chose to use fake moss and plastic flowers.)

Step 5: Add your fairy decorations to the flower pot! 

Enjoy this fun project!

Happy Gardening!


Images curtesy of Pinterest. 

4th of July Garden Craft's

The 4th of July is approaching fast!

Are you looking for a creative way

to celebrate the birth of the United States of America?

Below you will fing a few creative DIY garden crafts

that you can create to help you celebrate.


You can creat this patriotic piect with a pallet, spray paint and star stencils.


This can be done with an old jar, sand, three colors, candel and our flag.


These pariotic beauties can be created with white melting chocolate and blue food coloring.


This cute craft is created using 3 old vegtable cans, star stencils and paint.

(Read the back of the paint to see if its good for painting metal.)


This refreshing snack is made with

Shish Kabob sticks, strawberries, blueberries and pinapple.


 Happy 4th of July!

Rock Garden Markers

Have you ever said, "What's that sprouting up in my garden?"  

I know I have a time or two.

You won't have to wonder once you finish with your Rock Markers. This is a cute and easy DIY craft that you will want to share with all your garden friends. You are going to want to start by collecting a dozen or so medium size smooth rocks. If you cant find the smooth ones any rock big enough to paint and easily pick up would do.


The one to the left is a nice rock but it is too big for this garden craft! The one to the right is the perfect size for our Rock Garden Markers. Once you have found your just right rocks you will want to wash them off in a hot bucket of soapy water.

You might just want to drop the rocks in and let them soak for a few minutes. Be sure to wash all the dirt off. If you don't your paint may come off in that area. 

Now it's time to dry off. A large towel would work best. Wrap your rocks up and pat pat pat! Allow them to dry over night to be sure no dampness remains.

Let the fun begin! Go to your nearest craft store and pick out some fun craft paint that works for outdoor crafts.

You may want to think about what you want on your rocks before you pick out your colors. Once you have your design in place pick out your paint and paint brush. You will want to spread out newspaper on your surface before you begin.

This craft can get a little messy depending on the age group. :)

Ones your art is finished you may want to cover it with a gloss finish. This can be found at your craft store or Lows.

Happy Painting!




Garden Toys


We are never too old to play with Tonka trucks!

Our garden friends have done it again! They have come up with great ideas for re-purposing old toys. Don't toss out the old Tonka truck put it to good use

again by planting flowers in the back. These old toys make a great decorative conversation piece to any garden.

If you don't have a Tonka truck  use what ever you can find. The choices are endless when it comes to old toys. Check out your thrift stores and garage sales for more inspirational ideas. 

Check out our Pintrest page for more great DIY garden ideas.

Hand Print Snowman

 If you are looking for a cute DIY gift to make with the kids check this out.

Snowmen bulbs.

You will need:

Colored permanent markers

Plain bulbs size depends on the size of child's hand

Mod Lodge

Tempered paint (black, orange, and other desired colors for details)

Paint brush

1. Pick out the color bulbs you want to use.

2. Cover the bulb in Mod Lodge prior to painting

3. Paint the hand of your child white. Make the paint thin on their hand.

4. Guide child to slowly wrap hand around bulb. Don't press hard.

5. Let hand print dry.

6. Make each finger into a snowman using a permanent marker.

7. Do another coat of Mod Lodge and let dry.


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Mod Podge Fall


The bright multi color leaves are falling all around us! We could rake them up and burn them. I do enjoy the smell of fresh burning leaves.

Not so fast!  Let's capture the beauty of fall with an easy DIY craft before we set them all on fire. Follow these easy steps to create a fantastic keep sake for years to come!

Lets get started.

1. Go to a craft store and purchase Mod Podge, and the Mod Podge sealer,

2. pick something you want to Mod Podge. It can be a table, placemat, photo..... the list goes on

3. Go outside and pick out some of your favorite leaves. Get enough to cover your surface. Find a clean work space and start Mod Podging the back of your leaves and sticking them on your surface. Once you have all your leaves glued in place let it dry for about 6 hours.

4. brush on a layer of Mod Podge over the entire syrface and give it about 2-6 hours to dry.

5. Do another layer of Mod Podge and allow it to dry

6. Once it is all dry spray your piece with the sealer for extra protection.

Enjoy your DIY Mod Podge Fall craft.



Pumpkin Decorating

Pumpkin Decorating can be so much fun!

If you are looking for a new creative idea for decorating your pumpkins, get out your paint brushes! It's fun and easy to do.

just follow these easy steps.


you will need:

  • pumpkin
  • acrylic paint
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • clean rag
  • sealer (optional)
  • marker
  • transfer paper (optional)
  • glitter, bling... (optional)
  1. Choose a pumpkin
  2. clean and dry your pumpkin
  3. pick a design
  • stencil
  • free hand
  1. seal your pumpkin with sealer to help the paint stick (optional)
  2. paint your pumpkin one solid color or if you want the orange background leave it.
  3. trace your design with a marker or transfer paper
  4. once you are done seal the paint (optional)
  5. add glitter, eyes, bling, hat......... (optional)

once you give it time to dry you can display your pice of art!

Flower Pot Dress Up

Don't throw out those old flower pots. You can dress them up.

Save your fabric pieces and use it to wrap your flower pots. Lace also looks very good. Is all you will need is the following.

1. fabric/lace

2. glue that will stick to your type of flower pot.

(read the side of the glue and it will tell you what the glue sticks best to.)

3. scissors

4. buttons, glitter, bling bling if desired


Once you have collected all your materials find a nice work and begin by cutting the fabric to fit your flower pot. Before adding the glue to the pot check the fabric piece to make sure it fits just right.

Once it's cut place the glue on your pot and begin wrapping the fabric around the pot smoothing it out with your fingers as you go. You will need to press down and work some of the areas out that have trapped air. Let the glue dry before you add buttons or glitter on the flower pot. Idf you are looking for more great ideas go to Pintrest and search fabric covered flower pots.